glitter vagina

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Clitter: Body Glitter for Your Vagina -

A gynaecologist has taken to the internet to warn women against placing glitter bombs into the vagina. WARNING: this post contains an image that some may find offensive.

Doctors warning: Dont glitter bomb your vagina - …

glitter vagina

A product called "Passion Dust" wants you to put glitter in your vagina, but as OB/GYNs advise, this is a very bad idea.

Why the trend of putting a glitter bomb in your vagina …

GLITTER boobs are the new beauty trend hitting festivals this summer, but were afraid your parents might not approve. Heres why everyones covering up with stick-on

Love Island glitter party: Where to get the shorts and

glitter vagina

All that glitters is gold or a vagina. Passion Dust Intimacy Capsules — pills that women put into their vaginas to release a dusting of candy-scented sparkles

Vagina highlighter is yet another product to make …

Why the trend of putting a glitter bomb in your vagina is an extremely bad idea The medical verdict on Passion Dust is in – its a perfect recipe for painful

Dr Jen Gunter warns not to glitter-bomb your vagina

glitter vagina

With a few exceptions, it’s just generally a good rule of thumb not to put random stuff in your vagina. In the latest cautionary tale, a predatory company has been

Warning issued over bizarre vagina trend - NZ Herald

glitter vagina

A doctor has today warned women not to succumb to a bizarre and dangerous trend of using a cucumber as a douche for the vagina which is currently sweeping the web

Should you blow dry your vagina after sex? | Metro News

My lady area seems to look not normal as Im scarred to have sex as I get uncomfortable on what they may say this may just be me? I would like to no if it

Passion Dust Intimacy Capsules: How ‘vagina glitter bombs

Ladies, your vagina is magical enough without shoving glitter in it. You know what my vagina is missing? A self-dissolving capsule of glitter shoved up into it, said

Please dont shove glitter capsules into your vagina - Metro

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Doctors: Yeah, Dont Put Glitter in Your Vagina - Gizmodo

glitter vagina

For all the people who are leaving their vagina be, letting it do its thing, and not shoving all manner of nonsense up there, were sorry. Were sure it must

Do we need to do a weekly series on things you shouldn…

glitter vagina

Pretty Woman Inc. says its sometimes fun to just play with your glittery vaginal discharge or appreciate how sparkly your period blood can be.