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vagina wax How to Wash Your Vagina. Many people feel paranoid about how they smell "down there" — you are not alone! The truth is, every person with a vagina has their own
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Explore the wisdom of your yoni with this powerful yoni egg practice.
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Hair removal is a major concern for many people. Some of the most popular forms of temporary hair removal include shaving, waxing, tweezing and using
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Sugaring, sugar waxing or Persian waxing is a method of hair removal that has been in use since 1900 BC. Historically, sugar was confined to the regions surrounding
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Observing your own body can help you to learn what is normal for you. Take a tour of the vulva, including the labia and clitoris, and the vagina.
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vagina wax “Excuse me, miss,” I said, “um, my labia are sealed shut. There seems to be some wax that you left down there. How do I get this off?” “Oh, don’t worry.
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Rosario Dawson. Photo: Clint Spaulding/? Patrick McMullan In Danny Boyles art-heist movie Trance, James McAvoys character has a strong
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Sure, not every woman is walking around with an itchy vagina, but many are. Below-the-belt itching is “a common symptom that we see as gynecologists. It can be so
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vagina wax After having watched Penis Size Insecurity By Men, its now time to move on to lesson two and have a look at womens insecurities: The Perfect Vagina. Fronted by Lisa
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In international marketing, companies must research their product brand name carefully; not only must a brand be distinctive and easy to pronounce, but it must not
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vagina wax Heres the lowdown on the vagina from a mans perspective. Much like fingerprints, no two vaginas are exactly alike and guys are well aware of it. Unfortunately